August 14, 2020

122 Glad Gunson Drive, Eleebana


Kitchen Make Over for a lovely client Belinda the owner of The Colour 8 Home (Interior Design) This was a huge transformation from cupboards, splash back and kitchen benchtop.

We removed all the cupboards sanded them back with the Mirka Deros Dustless Sanding Machine. Taped up the splash back and prepared the benchtop ready to have epoxy laid on top. The sink and stove was removed to ensure the epoxy would not stick to them and making sure you could replace them later if needed to. The floor and the appliances were covered in plastic and paper to protect them.

All surfaces were wiped back to remove grease and grime. The benchtops, cupboard inserts and cupboards were primed with Norglass Epoxy all surface primer to ensure all stains were held back. The benchtops were White Epoxy with grey veins to match the clients bathroom vanity.

While the Benchtops were curing the primer on the cupboards were dry and we could first coat them in Dulux Professional FastFinish Water Based Enamel Gloss in Dulux Lexicon® Quarter . Second coat was applied when the first coat was dry.

The splash back tiles were primed with White Knight Primer and left to dry for 24 hours. Two top coats of White Knight Tile and Laminate Paint in White were applied over the primer.

Once the benchtops were cured we replaced the sink and stove and replaced the sink. All the cupboards were replaced and the handles were put back in their place. The end result of this transformation was incredible.

If you have a kitchen, bathroom or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!