July 10, 2019

137 Park Ave, Caves Beach NSW


Recently renovated needed the exterior to match. This was an easy fix. To make the old look new again is what I love doing while protecting your home for many years to come. Here and Painting by Josh we strive on a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

All surfaces were high pressured cleaned before applying paint. There was a fair bit of prep needed on this one. Alot of the corner capping had to be replaced, holes and gaps were all filled. Garage doors all sanded back before applying Dulux Max Adhesion Primer with the Graco 595 Airless Sprayer and two topcoats of Dulux Weathersheild Domino

All surfaces were sanded before applying two top coats on gutters, fascia, soffits, walls and post.

Gutters/fascia were done in Dulux Weathersheild White on White Soffits/eaves were done in Dulux Weathershield Lexicon Quarter. Walls were done in Dulux Weathersheild custom colour match.

The client was more than happy with the workmanship and finish the Painting by Josh crew had achieved. If you have a house or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!