April 9, 2020

7 Bray Crescent, Garden Suburbs


This run down house was in some serious love and attention. The preparation was taken back to bare in most places to achieve the best results.

The whole exterior was high pressured clean to remove all dirt before scrapping back the weatherboards using the Oldfields Pro Series Tungsten Carbide to remove loose and flaking paint. The Mirka Deros Dustless Sanding Machine was used to sand back all weatherboards, fascia, soffits and gutters. Sodal Fill & Gap was used under every weatherboard and around all windows.

Once the perpetration was complete it was time to undercoat the property. Dulux Professional Total Prep was sprayed to seal the timber. Followed by two top coats of Dulux Oyster Linen on the walls. Soffits and windows were sprayed out in Dulux Lexicon Quarter . Gutters were sprayed in Colorbond Woodland Grey.

This was a huge transformation for this property. The clients were more than happy with their colour choice and the workmanship of the team.

If you have a commercial space, house or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!