February 6, 2019

The Menkens Apartments


The Menkens Apartments are heritage listed properties opposite the Queens Wharf tram station. These apartments overlook the iconic Queens Wharf brewery and Newcastle’s picturesque harbour.

Completed restoration of the Menkens Apartments.

I was approached by Allan Goodman, the chairman of the Menkens Apartment, to restore and repaint the heritage listed apartments.

All heritage listed permits, notifications, temporary road closures had to be in place before commencing works. The deadline given for this project was 10 days, completed within 7 days.

Given the age of the property, a sizeable amount of work was required to prepare all surfaces for repainting. The existing building had been weathered; with paint failing, flashing having holes exposing the timber to the changing environment and steel venting requiring scraping.

Due to working at safe heights to complete the job, scaffolding was erected. All flaking painted was scraped and sanded to a bare surface. One coat of Dulux Total Prep was applied to all bare timber surfaces for this project. All metal vents were spot primed with Dulux Metalshield Primer.

Allan was very pleased with the extent of the workmanship, preparation and execution of the job. Allan also appreciated the level of communication throughout the job. I’ve intentionally repainted to preserve the style and appeal of the Menkens heritage listed Apartments, whilst giving a modern, industrial facelift to the facade.

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