May 20, 2019

Lake Point Way, Murray’s Beach


Here’s a beautiful home recently completed. All the timberwork required some attention. We went through sanded and re-stained all the timber followed by some fresh coats of Intergrain Ultraclear. All weatherboards where sanded and gapped and two coats of Dulux Weathershield Colorbond Dune was applied with the Monarch painting 75mm brush. The bagging needed repairing in some area’s to match the existing then primer coat was applied followed by another two topcoats of Dulux Weathershield mixed up to Colorbond Basalt.

The Timber front door and the inside stairs of the house were also sanded and re-stained with some fresh coats of Intergrain Ultraclear. The clients were over the moon with the workmanship and finish the Painting by Josh crew had achieved. If you have a house or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!