February 20, 2019

93 Elder Street Doctors Practice


Painting by Josh team had a 3-4 hour gap in the morning prior to the doctor’s practice opening to complete a brick transformation. I’ve certainly noticed a rising trend in painting brick – but man does it look good in Dulux’s Wash & Wear low-sheen white on white. Of course, the only way is to spray – see the video below for some behind-the-scenes of this project.

This was also my very first time with my hands on the new Graco Contractor PC hand-piece. GO Industrial gave one of the first guns to me to test and put it through its paces.

Following a 5am start, we masked up all surfaces that didn’t need spraying. Once completed – two coats of Dulux Wash & Wear white-on-white was applied with sufficient time to dry in between.

This was the result after first coat!

Our work truck kitted out with all the gear we need, close to the action.

See a few behind-the-gun photos to see how brick is sprayed!

Part of our client’s requirements were for the existing reception desk to be re-painted in a gloss black.

After allowing the brick to dry – time for second coat. Backrolling after spraying the second coat is necessary to press the paint into the grout between brick.

And finally – the result. We worked very quickly while maintaining the highest of quality finish. After clean-up, the practice opened normal-time… meaning a job well done.

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