August 9, 2019

39 Crowlingshaw St, Redhead


We were called in to save the day on this job! The powder-coated window hoods where installed mid-build to this brand new property. Near completion, the builders had realized in places the powder coating had started to fail! It had not properly adhered to the aluminium. In this case, all had to be stripped completely back to bare surfaces using the trusty Linbide blades.

Then all surfaces were scuffed up with scouring pads wiped down with acetone to remove any existing contaminants, Before Apply first coat of Dulux Metalshield Primer. Two top coats of Dulux Metalshield Epoxy Enamel (Black) all sprayed using the Graco 9.5 HVLP. The builder’s words were “they look better than out of the factory”.

If you have a house or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!