April 25, 2021

92 National Park Street, Hamilton


With time brings change and change turned this old 20th century house into a 21st century home.

This beautiful brick home was a transformation like no other. The clients and myself are still blown away with how much this home has changed.

The exterior was high pressured cleaned the day before to remove any dirt. There was a few aspects of the house that needed repairing before the paint was applied. The bricks in some places were re mortared as the previous joints were fallen out. All colorbond surfaces were sanded with the Mirka Dustless Sander and given an etch prime with the Dulux Metal Etch Primer

The bricks were primed with Dulux AcraTex AcraPrime Water Based. The gutters and garage door was sprayed out in the Dulux Colorbond Night Sky (three coats). All Soffits and window frames were sprayed out (three coats) in Dulux Lexicon Quarter. The aluminium window frames were also sanded, etched primed and sprayed out in Dulux Duramax White.

The walls once primed were spray out in the Dulux Tranquil Retreat and the windowsills were Dulux Tranquil Retreat Double Strength

Once the bush at the front gate was removed the front brick fence was primed using the Dulux AcraTex AcraPrime Water Based and top coated with the Dulux Tranquil Retreat.

The clients were over the moon with the workmanship and finish the Painting by Josh crew had achieved. If you have a house or project similar to this, please feel free to get in touch – painting Newcastle and surrounds!